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7 Useful Tips When Dealing a Child Custody Battle

Ending your marriage is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make in your life. It will never be easy and it gets even harder when both parties fight a child custody battle.

Child custody battles are highly stressful and emotional. The whole process can be tough to handle and you have to prepare yourself for it. So, here are some helpful tips to consider when dealing with a custody battle:

Never treat your ex-spouse as an enemy

It might be difficult not to think of your ex-spouse as your enemy when the custody battle begins. However, this is not the right time to think about it. Your child/children must be your top priority, and their interests should matter most in times like this.

Show willingness to work with your ex-spouse

Regardless of what has happened between you and your ex-spouse, it is still crucial that you cooperate with him/her. Demonstrate your willingness to collaborate with each other for the sake of your children. Always keep in mind that even if you may not love each other anymore, he/she is still part of your children’s lives and you have to show the court you can work together peacefully.

Work with an experienced child custody lawyer

To help you win the custody battle, you must hire an experienced child custody lawyer. You might think you can’t afford a lawyer, but you can actually set up a free consultation to discuss your options. Also, you may wish to look for free law clinics in your area.

Don’t involve your children in the court case

It is unnecessary to share the details of the case with your kids. It might tempt you, but don’t involve them. Let them be kids and never place the burden of adult issues on their shoulders.

Stop saying negative things about your ex-spouse

Made-up stories and talking negatively about your ex-spouse to your kids make no sense. You don’t have to come up with unfounded allegations to win the custody. Remember, any lies you tell could be used against you in court. Try to keep your feelings or opinions about your ex-spouse to yourself or vent out to a friend instead.

Teach yourself about family law

It’s also important that you know something about family law. Read about child custody laws in your state, so you will know in advance what to expect.

Prepare for the documentation process

Carefully document your interactions with your ex-spouse and his/her relationship with your children. If you believe that your child(ren) would be unsafe with your ex-spouse, then you have to prove it by documenting a real situation thoroughly.

A child custody battle is not just painful for you, but for your children as well. Often, children feel abandoned and blame themselves when their parents separate. So you must try to act in a civilized manner throughout the custody battle.

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Published on 16th September 2015
(Last updated 7th May 2021)