About us

We use plain and simple English to give you an overview of the most common areas of law.

At some point in our lives, we all need legal help and advice. It’s inevitable. What should not be inevitable is feeling daunted by the law or the legal profession.

Mind you, for most of us, the mere prospect of visiting a solicitor, legal executive or barrister can be unnerving. Because we don’t do it every day – we just don’t know what to expect.

This site is here to help you pick the bones out of particular legal areas that may affect you, and make it as straightforward as humanly possible.

Any legal document appears to be an endless stream of long (mostly Latin and antiquated English) words, which means nothing to the average person. Is it any wonder people have to go to university to study it?

And if we’re honest, (which we like to be), you just want to know about the stuff that applies to you and your situation; you don’t necessarily need to know about employment law when you’re buying a house.

Which is what Law Plain and Simple is all about; a little bit of knowledge, just so you’ve got enough information. We want you to be confident, ask questions and get the most out of your visit to a legal professional.

Law Plain and Simple has a directory of local solicitors or legal representatives who specialise in the areas of law that you need advice and guidance.