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What to do if you have an accident on holiday

If you’re unlucky enough to have an accident on holiday, the last thing on your mind is going to be pursuing a personal injury claim. When we’re enjoying ourselves and relaxing with family and friends either here in the UK or abroad, no-one expects to be having an accident. But unfortunately, accidents do happen. 

It is much harder to pursue an injury claim for an accident that happened on holiday once you have returned home. Mainly because you cannot easily return to the location of the accident. Whilst you might not immediately be thinking about making a claim, there are a few simple things that can be done at the time, which will leave you with the option to claim at a later date. The reality is that you never know how long your injuries will last, nor whether they will ever be fully resolved.


Here’s a handy checklist of things to keep in the back of your mind, just in case you’re unfortunate enough to suffer an accident when away from home.

1. Seek medical help 

First, and most importantly, if you have an accident on holiday or anywhere at all, we always advise that you seek medical help. The person treating your injury will make a record, which can then be obtained when it comes to investigating a claim.

2. Report it

Ensure to report your accident to the appropriate authority. Depending on the situation this may be the police, local council or the owner of the establishment.

3. Take photos

Both of your injuries, and the scene of the accident. Photographs are vital pieces of evidence that would be required for any injury solicitor to take on your case. Ensure that photos contain things that help to pinpoint the exact location of the accident, for example, road signs, shops or lampposts. In cases of potholes, ensure to take photos that help to show the size and depth by including an item such as a coin for reference.

4. Witnesses

Where possible, try to get the names and contact details of anyone who saw the accident happen.

5. Location

Make a note of the exact location of your injury, being as specific as possible.

6. Insurance

If possible, try to get the details of the public liability insurers.

Making a claim

Once you have returned home, if you decide to investigate the possibility of pursuing a claim, speak to a Personal Injury Specialist.

Article contributed by WSP Solicitors

DISCLAIMER: This article should not be regarded as constituting legal advice in relation to particular circumstances. It is merely a general comment on the relevant topic. If specific advice is required in connection with any of the matters covered in this article, please speak to WSP Solicitors  directly.

Published on 29th July 2019
(Last updated 7th May 2021)